There on the CNN split screen this morning were former Obama communications director Jen Psaki, and former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter. But you could be forgiven for wondering whether CNN had mistakenly switched their names. Because Carpenter was, during a discussion of former Trump aide Rob Porter, far rougher on President Trump.

Claiming that Trump “does not give a whit” about the abuse of women, Carpenter recounted a list of alleged Trump transgressions. Among them, Carpenter mentioned “the rape allegation from his first wife, Ivanka [sic, Ivana].”

The rape allegation was made during a nasty divorce proceeding. Ivana has subsequently said that the allegation was just “lawyers’ stuff” and that “he treated me fantastic I never had a problem, always polite always outspoken.” Added Ivana, “he never touched me badly no screaming slamming the doors it was just question of the money.”

Note: Carpenter is the kind of Republican CNN prefers: the sort that will harshly condemn President Trump.

Fmr. Cruz Aide Raises Ivana Rape Allegation to Rip Trump
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