The liberal media are rushing to see whether President Trump will accept blame for the stock drop in the same way he took credit for its rise.

But CNN came up with a new twist on the blame-Trump game this morning, suggesting that the Trump taxs cuts are the culprit.

Alisyn Camerota teed it up, suggesting, in respect of the stock drop, that the cuts were “at work here.” John Avlon was only too happy to run with the ball, saying it was indeed possible that:

“those tax cuts created the conditions for this [stock drop.]”

The ever-snarky Avlon predictably added, “probably won’t hear the president taking credit for that, though.”

CNN’s screen graphic reinforced the blame-Trump game: “Could Trump’s tax cuts lead to end of bull market?”

So, according to CNN, the way to go is to keep taxes high, choking off growth and leading to the historically-weak recovery we saw under Obama? This is lunacy.


CNN Blames Stock Drop on Trump Tax Cuts
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