Of course! Who wouldn’t want to leave ESPN’s flagship show, viewed weekly by millions, and move to an obscure website read by . . . dozens?

In October, Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN for, among other things, calling President Trump a “white supremacist.” ESPN more recently announced that Hill would be moving from her role as SportsCenter host to writing for a website called The Undefeated.

On Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show today, Hill claimed that her move from SportsCenter to The Undefeated was “100% my choice.”

Raise your hand if you buy Hill’s version of events. Bueller? Bueller?

Flashing the kind of commentary that got her suspended in the first place, Hill called President Trump’s reference in the SOTU to the failure of some NFL players to stand for the national anthem “racial pornography.”

Question: was it just a coincidence that the visible portion of Hill’s t-shirt read “nomen?”

Note: in another one of his losing struggles with the English language, Sharpton spoke of Hill having been suspended for calling Trump a white “supremist.”

ESPN’s Jemele Hill: Leaving SportsCenter was “100% My Choice”
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