Joe Scarborough: gutless wonder. For the second time in a week, Scarborough has taken what clearly seemed to be a shot at Sean Hannity, without having the courage to call him out by name.

On Tuesday, Scarborough spoke of “certain talk show hosts whose names are not even worthy of mentioning on this show” who are pushing for the release of the FISA memo.

This morning, taking his sliming an ugly step further, Scarborough  said that Peter Strzok has been put at the center of the deep-state conspiracy by “mouth-breathers on TV.” Added Scarborough: “these mouth-breathers come up with a different conspiracy theory, it seems, every time Donald Trump gets in big trouble.”

Given that Hannity is by far the most prominent TV host advancing information about Strzok and advocating the release of the memo, it seems inescapable that Scarborough was referring to him.

Since you apparently believe it so passionately, Joe, why not have the intestinal fortitude to attack Hannity by name?

Sounds Like Scarborough Just Called Hannity a “Mouth-Breather”
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