On CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo claimed that Republican Sen. Ron Johnson failed to offer a “shred of proof” in support of his claim that there was an anti-Trump secret society within the FBI. David Gregory twice said it was “irresponsible” of Johnson to allege the secret society’s existence.

Not a shred of proof? How about a text exchange between the infamous Peter Strzok and his fellow-FBI agent and mistress, sent the day after the election, saying that perhaps this is the first meeting of the “secret society?”

And Sen. Johnson said yesterday that an informant had corroborated reports of the existence of the secret society. Yes, those leads need to be pursued, but it is simply false to claim that they don’t represent evidence.

Gregory also said that FBI Director Christopher Wray had “rebutted” the allegations of a secret society. If so, I’ve been unable to find such rebuttal online.

What did turn up was former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova saying that it has been “an abysmal performance by Director Wray,” and that “members of the ‘secret society’ no doubt continue to still talk to one another . . . Only Christopher Wray knows why they are still allowed to stay in that building.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “Not a Shred of Proof” of FBI Anti-Trump Secret Society
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