If they ever decide to do a remake of Naked Gun, John Avlon could be perfect in the role of Detective Frank Drebin. On CNN today, Avlon gave a great impersonation of Drebin’s “move on, nothing to see here” moment. Instead of an exploding building, here it was an exploding scandal that Avlon was trying to dismiss as not noteworthy.

Avlon called President Trump’s tweet about the FBI having “lost” 50,000 text messages between two Trump-hating agents a mere “distraction and deflection” from “the real scandal,” which according to Avlon is the investigation into possible Russia/Trump collusion.

Dismissing the lost 50,000-message scandal as mere “catnip” for the Republican base, Avlon suggested that Trump should have been texting instead about a possible West Coast tsunami.

CNN: 50,000 Missing FBI Texts a “Distraction,” Trump Should Tweet about Tsunami
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