I’m getting close to pulling the plug on Morning Joe and Joe Scarborough.

On countless occasions over the years, readers have asked: why do you bother watching this guy? Who cares what he says? Why give him any additional exposure? etc. I’ve always responded along the lines that Morning Joe is the most-watched morning show among opinion leaders. And Joe and his guests would fairly often have interesting things to say.

But over the last 18 months or so, the show has transformed into an unrelentingly anti-Trump hate fest. It’s true that Trump has said some ugly things about Scarborough’s co-host and fiancée, Mika Brzezinski. But rather than rising above it, Scarborough has descended into an seething, partisan pit.

This morning offers yet one more example. Instead of directly insulting the Trump, Scarborough puts his insults in the mouth or minds of the president’s staffers. Over the course of the opening segment, Scarborough variously suggests that Trump aides believe him to be:

“fool, bumpkin, idiot, stupid old blubbery man, weakest leader on the planet, pre-dementia, not fit to be President of the United States.”

Scarborough might think he’s slick to find this new way to insult the president. But it’s become so tiresome and predictable. I used to say that watching Morning Joe was my twisted pleasure. It’s now turned into a chore.

Not saying I’ll never watch Scarborough again, but what does it say when the likes of Chris Cuomo give Trump a fairer break?

Note: Mika also chipped in, claiming that around the world, “the concept that we have a leader who has all his marbles is completely gone.”

Note segundo: the gist of Scarborough’s diatribe was that Trump aides, like Gen. Kelly and Stephen Miller, are taking a harder line on the budget deal, DACA, etc., and are sabotaging Trump’s efforts to cut a deal with Schumer.

Scarborough Puts Insults to Trump in Mouth of his Aides: “Bumpkin, Idiot, Pre-Dementia”
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