Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jennifer . . .

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has now joined with Joe Scarborough as a proud member of the Society of Ex-Republican Media Members.

Appearing on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, Rubin declared:

“It should be self-evident why I, and I think any reasonable person, can no longer identify with the Republican party.”

Rubin was responding to a Republican commercial [see below] on immigration, highlighting the case of illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes, accused of killing two police officers. Bracamontes bragged in court: “the only thing that I f—–g regret is that I f—–g just killed two.”

Rubin denounced the “ugly face” of the Republican party, and claimed that people who support Republicans “have to take ownership of their racism.”

Note: it’s not good enough for Rubin to leave the GOP. She says that “no reasonable person” can identify with the Republican party.  Another way of branding millions of decent Americans as deplorables.

Jennifer Rubin: “I Can No Longer Identify with the Republican Party”
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