Henry, Henry, Henry! You’re not supposed to admit on national TV that your vote is a cynical stunt!

This was hilarious: a politician openly admitting that his intended vote on an important matter would be a stunt, and one he would change if his vote actually counted for something.

Appearing on CNN this morning, Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas repeatedly said that he would vote “no” on the continuing budget resolution . . . unless his vote was actually needed to avoid a government shutdown. In which case he would vote “yes.” CNN host Alisyn Camerota called Cuellar out for attempting to be on both sides of the issue.


ALISYN CAMEROTA: So you’re going to vote ‘yes.’

HENRY CUELLAR: I’m going to put leverage on them by voting ‘no.’ But if my vote counts to keep the government open, I will vote ‘yes.’

. . .

CAMEROTA: You are saying two completely separate things.

Note: Looks like we’re going to have to remove Cuellar from the candidates list for this year’s Profiles in Courage award.

Texas Democrat: I’ll Vote ‘No’ on Budget Deal–So Long as my Vote is Meaningless
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