Last year, Joe Scarborough quit the Republican party. Looks like Joe’s now found a new gig: political strategist for the Democrats. And he’s sounding rougher than James Carville after a bad night on Bourbon Street.

On today’s Morning Joe—saying that President Trump insulted the Congressional Black Caucus and Dick Durbin—Scarborough demanded that Dems “go after” Republicans and “make them pay.”


Scarborough also urged Dems not to “do anything to help this President . . . help the government, help Republicans” unless they got a clean DACA deal in return.

Note: last week, we noted Scarborough taunting Trump by mentioning 13 times in two minutes that he had lost the popular vote to Hillary by three million votes. Scarborough was back at his repetitious shtick this morning. I lost count, but in one segment, Scarborough must have accused Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue of “lying” or being “liars” at least 20 times.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: If you’re a Democrat, and you do anything to help this president, who has sounded racist, and Republicans, who have attacked Dick Durbin, questioned his integrity, questioned his honesty. If you are a Democrat and do anything to help the government, help Republicans, keep the government open, without attaching a clean DACA bill to it, then you don’t deserve to be in the majority at the end of this year, because you’re too weak.

Democrats have to go after them. They were attacked. The president was racist in his remarks. He’s now attacked the Congressional Black Caucus and baically said they’re jokes, they called Dick Durbin a liar. You make them pay for that.

Scarborough Advises Dems: “Go After” Republicans, “Make Them Pay”
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