Donny Deutsch was last to speak during the opening segment of today’s Morning Joe. But from the clenched expression on his face, you just knew that he was loaded for bear. And sure enough, finally given his chance to comment on President Trump’s “s—hole” remark, Deutsch unloaded:

“There’s a word we have to start to use with Donald Trump in addition to all the ‘crazy’ talk we have . . . He’s an evil man. We don’t talk about that a lot. We talk about he’s insane, and he’s crazy, and he’s this. That’s evil. This is just an evil, evil man.”

In support of his “evil” theory of Trump, Deutsch cited the president’s remarks on Charlottesville, his support of Roy Moore, and finally, the “s—hole” remark, which Deutsch called a “very clear racist thing.”

MSNBC’s Deutsch: Trump an “Evil, Evil Man”

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