Elizabeth Warren’s presidential ambitions could be crushed if Oprah ran for president. Who wants a whiny Warren when you could have an optimistic Oprah? And the addition of Oprah would also significantly dilute the women’s vote that Warren would be counting on.

But in the current atmosphere, Warren couldn’t very well criticize Oprah when Alisyn Camerota asked her on CNN this morning to comment a possible President Winfrey. So Warren put on a happy face, gushing about Oprah’s Golden Globes speech, calling her “inspiring” and lauding Oprah’s “leadership.”

But then Camerota asked whether America is hungry “for another mega-celebrity billionaire?” Warren could have easily dodged the question. But instead, Warren gave a flat “I don’t know,” before moving on to a laundry list of all the important “fights” she’s involved in.


Warren has to keep up the happy talk for now. But should Oprah actually throw her hat into the ring, how long would it be before we heard Warren attacking Winfrey over her ties to Harvey Weinstein, her advocacy of loony theories, etc?

Elizabeth Warren on Oprah: “I Don’t Know” if America Wants Another Celebrity Billionaire

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