Obsequious? We’ve got your obsequious right here . . .

On his Sunday CNN show, Jake Tapper abruptly ended his interview of Stephen Miller, accusing the Trump aide of being “obsequious” to the President.

But if you want to see a true example of the o-word in action, look no further than CNN this morning. You’ll find a CNN host unctuously fawning over a guest.

Introducing CNN international correspondent Christian Amanpour, Chris Cuomo called her the “perfect guest” and “the best of us.” Cuomo continued the tongue bath at the interview’s end. Bidding Amanpour farewell, Cuomo said, emotion in his voice, “thanks for you.” Can you feel the adoration?


Note: introducing Amanpour, Cuomo congratulated her on “all the success you’re having.” That was presumably a reference to the fact that PBS has chosen Amanpour as interim replacement for the disgraced Charlie Rose.

Obsequious! CNN’s Cuomo Fawns Over Christiane Amanpour
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