It’s not exactly breaking news that Michael Wolff believes that Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States. That’s the entire thrust of his “Fire and Fury.”

But appearing on Morning Joe today, Wolff used a colorful phrase in describing Trump, one that epitomized his low opinion the man. Asked by Joe Scarborough whether Trump was “mentally fit” to be president, Wolff responded:”

Every time you speak to him, you think this is a wingnut. There is something really alarming in ways that you cannot even begin to describe. It’s like you’re riveted to the seat.”

Wolff also said of Trump:

“Not only is he interested in just himself, he’s just interested in his immediate gratification in this moment. There is nothing beyond that.”

Michael Wolff on Trump—”Every Time You Speak to Him, You Think: This is a Wingnut”
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