It was strange to see Carl Bernstein praising Fox News on CNN of all places today. But Bernstein had an ulterior motive. He was trying to butter up Fox News in order to lure it into providing the ammo to blast President Trump out of office.

Appearing on Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources, Bernstein praised the “great reporters Fox News,” adding “I know they have some great reporters there.” Bernstein then begged Fox News to lead the charge in proving that President Trump is unfit for office.

Bernstein wants FNC to interview every Republican congressman and senator and report back what they really think about Trump’s fitness. Bernstein seemed confident that they would find that most think that Trump is unfit.

So Bernstein wants to use FNC as a battering ram against Trump. He challenges them “to show that they can be fair and balanced. That they are capable of being a real reporting organization.” Translation: come back and report that Republicans think Trump is unfit, and give us grounds to depose him.

Sorry, Carl, but somehow I suspect that Fox News isn’t going to take its marching orders from you!

Bernstein Begs Fox News to Lead Charge in Proving Trump Unfit for Office
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