John Avlon is CNN’s resident spitballer-in-chief, a guy with the personality of a snarky high school sophomore. Follow him for a while, and you’ll see that in virtually every appearance, he manages to work in a provocative line that you suspect he brainstormed before the lights came on.

On CNN this morning, commenting on the allegation in Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” that President Trump would at times have cheeseburgers in bed at 6:30 pm, Avlon said:

“Sounds like a portrait of clinical depression to me.”

Except that . . .

Avlon conveniently ignored the rest of the story, wherein Wolff wrote that while in bed, Trump would be “watching his three screens and making phone calls . . . to a small group of friends.”

In other words, Trump was anything but a depressed guy with the sheets pulled up over his head. To the contrary, he was a very active and engaged one, simultaneously monitoring three networks while reaching out to friends.

But that reality didn’t stop the attention-seeking Avlon from taking his misleading shot.

CNN’s Avlon: Trump’s Cheeseburgers-in-Bed Evidence of “Clinical Depression”

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