If MSNBC’s Joy Reid wanted to demonstrate intellectual courage and honesty, she’d invite real Republicans and strong Trump advocates on her shows. Instead, she prefers to bring on avid Trump haters.

Reid scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel when this evening, substituting for Chris Hayes, she had on the loathsome Rick Wilson. This is the guy who—in terms so vile I won’t repeat them here—accused Ann Coulter of literally being a prostitute for Trump.

Asked if he was surprised by the lack of loyalty depicted in Michael Wolff’s about-to-be-released book about the Trump White House, Wilson says:

“When you’ve got a sack full of rats, they’re going to eat each other.”

Show some guts, Joy. Invite real Republicans on. And, contrary to your inclination, don’t shut them down when they say something you don’t like.

MSNBC “Republican” Rick Wilson: Trump White House a “Sack Full of Rats”
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