For Democrats, any excuse to open the immigration floodgates is good.

Take Hillary’s failed VP running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, and his response to the Iran protests. Of all the ways the United States could support the protesters, what pops into Kaine’s cranium? Yup. As Kaine tweeted [emphasis added]:

“Big step US could take to support democracy movement in Iran: Drop the Iranian travel ban.”

Kaine could care less that Iran remains the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism, and that the ayatollah’s regime might exploit the dropping of the travel ban to infiltrate terrorists into the US.

For him and his fellow Dems, the pipeline of potential Dem voters must be kept wide open, whatever the cost to national security, our economy, and culture.

Today’s Morning Joe noted Kaine’s tweet, in addition to the forceful expressions of support of the protests by President Trump and VP Pence.



Dem Tim Kaine on Iran Protests: Drop Travel Ban
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