I have a beef with Hugh Hewitt.  Why does he exclude people from US conservative publications from his “Young Guns” panel on his Saturday morning MSNBC show? His panel today, as it has been before, was comprised of reporters from the Daily Mail, Washington Post, NBC News and Politico. All but the Daily Mail lean left, and the Daily Mail is a UK-based outfit, though it’s been expanding operations into the US. Why not someone from, e.g, Breitbart, National Review, Daily Caller, Weekly Standard, Commentary, etc?

Putting that aside for now, Hewitt quickly managed to work in a presidential prediction. He opened the Young Guns segment by asking whether various controversies will still be relevant in 2020, “when President Trump is facing Senator Kamala Harris for the White House.”

Hewitt could be right. The last time the Dems nominated a bi-racial first-term Senator with an unusual first name, things worked out pretty well for them—if not for the country.

National Review has described Harris as “a new heroine for the anti-Trump Left” whose “combination of incivility, bullying, and victimhood makes her the perfect reflection of our current moment.”

Politico has mentioned Harris as one of a number of Dem senators fighting “to out-liberal one another ahead of 2020” on issues from single-payer to immigration to sexual harrassment.

Note: Hewitt is not alone in predicting that Harris will be the Dems’ 2020 candidate. Ann Coulter, for example, has said that if Harris seeks the nomination, she will get it.

Hugh Hewitt Predicts: Kamala Harris Will be 2020 Dem Prez Nominee
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