Hillary Clinton just graced my inbox with her year-end message.

In the first paragraph, she works in the campaign slogan from her losing campaign [emphasis added throughout]:

“We really have seen that we are stronger together (sorry, couldn’t resist).”

And then there was this [emphasis added]:

“millions of people who took to the streets on behalf of the values we share to the activists, newcomers and veterans alike, who lead us to victories in Virginia, Alabama, and across the country.”

Hillary, the past tense of lead is . . . led.

And of course, there was that annoying Dem meme, “the values we share.” When Bundi my dog does something of which I don’t approve, I actually say to him: “that’s not who we are. Those aren’t our values.”

Finally, Hillary mentions that “Bill and I” will be celebrating the holidays by “sharing our favorite traditions with the youngest members of our family.”

Should Bill really be sharing his “favorite traditions” with kids?

Question: should we be taking Hillary’s recycling of her campaign message as a threat that she might not be done with running for president?


Hillary Works Her Campaign Slogan—and a Grammar Mistake—Into Year-end Message

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