As Rush likes to say: they’re not illegals: they’re undocumented Democrats!

There’s one thing Dems can’t and won’t compromise on: keeping open the pipeline of illegal immigrants flowing into our country. They are the literal lifeblood of the Dems’ political future.

As evidence, take Dem Sen. Ben Cardin on today’s Fox News Sunday. When host Chris Wallace suggested a compromise: Republican cooperation on “Dreamers” in return for Dem support for the wall, Cardin said:

“We need to get the Dreamer issue done. It should not be connected to anything else.”

When Wallace pointed out that what Cardin was suggesting was no compromise, he responded with the standard Dem line: “the wall is not going to make us safer.”

Really? How many Dems have walls surrounding their homes? And we now know that, contrary to liberal claims, illegals do commit an inordinate number of crimes. The border wall worked in Israel, reducing illegal immigration by about 99%, as even the Washington Post grudgingly had to admit. It would work on our border, too.

Democrat Idea of Immigration Compromise: We Get Dreamers, You Don’t Get Wall
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