On her MSNBC show today, Joy Reid touted a book authored by a writer for Stephen Colbert’s show that depicts Santa as being black and gay, with a white husband.

In a revealing moment, Reid said: “the reality is, as crazy as I am, if I can find a husband, Santa can too.”

Beyond the gender-bending, Reid also had a purely political message for kids. Apparently, there’s been some controversy over the Black Santa emoji, which some see as appearing sad. Explained Reid:

“Children, the answer to that is that Black Emoji Santa is not sad. He just knows what time it is. And times are serious. Serious times, kids. Merry Christmas.”

You’ll note from the screencap that gay black Santa is described as “War-on-Christmas trolling at its finest.” Perhaps the proudly iconoclastic author should try trolling the Prophet Muhammad  in the same way next time, and see how that works out.

Joy Reid Touts Gay Black Santa
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