When it comes to choosing a least-favorite Member of Congress, the House offers an embarrassment of riches. My personal un-favorite is Dem Ted Lieu of California. On his official website, Ted the Vainglorious boasts of “Speaking Truth to Power.” So brave, Ted . . . but really not so much for a guy whose district went for Hillary by more than 40 points.

Lieu seems to revel in being as nasty as possible about Republicans. Just yesterday, he tweeted at White House spox Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “You don’t serve in Congress. I do. And I can say with absolute certainty that you are lying.”

Lieu’s “lying” accusation was based on his belief that Sanders had said that Republicans had begged Dems to work with them on tax reform. In fact, Sanders had said the opposite: that Dems shouldn’t have needed to be begged to be part of tax reform.

On CNN this morning, Lieu acknowledged that his tweet was “incorrect,” blaming it on his reliance on a tweet by The Hill inaccurately reporting Sanders’ statement.

But that didn’t stop Lieu from attacking the tax bill, passed without any Dem votes, in an inflammatory and inaccurate manner. Lieu claimed that the tax bill is:

“generational theft from our children.”

Thanks, Ted. You can go back to Beverly Hills in your district now.

Dem Rep. Ted Lieu: Tax Bill is “Generational Theft from Our Children”
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