MSNBC’s meltdown over Fox News‘ criticism of the Mueller investigation continues. This morning, we reported Joe Scarborough’s overwrought assertion that Fox News was fomenting a “constitutional crisis” that could lead to “violence.”

The handwringing continued on this evening’s Hardball. First, MSNBC regular John Heilemann claimed that Fox’s language was “dangerous” in a way that leads to “blowing up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.”

Chris Matthews then weighed in, saying it sounded like “Third World talk . . . where the guy loses the election, so you put him in jail or hang him.”

Question: which network is provoking violence? Fox News, for exposing the blatant anti-Trump bias of the Mueller team, or MSNBC, which uses inflammatory language to condemn its higher-rated competitor?

JOHN HEILEMAN: This language is dangerous, and we’ve been around long enough to see what this kind of virulent anti-government language leads to. It leads to blowing up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. This hopefully will not get there. But that’s what this is. That’s the potential consequence of it.

. . .

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It sounds like Third World talk, the kind of situation where if you lose an election, it was corrupt. If somebody’s prosecuted, it’s corrupt. Or it’s prosecutorial overkill where the guy loses the election so you put him in jail or hang him.

Note: Matthews was silent on the news that NBC paid money to a female staffer in 1999 who accused MSNBC’s Chris Matthews of sexual harassment.

Hardball Freaks Over Fox News Mueller Criticism: Murrah Building, Hangings

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