Pro campaigning tip for Charles Barkley: you’re not going to persuade many voters by calling them idiots.

Morning Joe opened today’s show by insisting that Steve Bannon had insulted Alabama when he suggested that University of Alabama alum Joe Scarborough, unlike Bannon, couldn’t get into Georgetown or Harvard.

If that was an insult to Alabama, it was something of a three-rail bank shot. But a bit later, Morning Joe aired a clip of Roy Moore foe Charles Barkley insulting Alabamians in the most explicit terms. Said Barkley:

“At some point, we’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation.”

So Barkley believes that Alabamians have looked like idiots, and will continue to look like idiots if they don’t take his advice and vote for Doug Jones. That should persuade a lot of people!


Charles Barkley to Alabama: “We’ve got to Stop Looking like Idiots to the Nation”
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