He whom the MSM would remove, first they declare mad.

In order to remove and silence political dissidents, the old Soviet Union would declare them insane, thus justifying their confinement in institutions.

We are witnessing a strange mirror-image today, in which the MSM regularly suggests that President Trump is nuts–to use a technical psychiatric term. A predicate for a call to remove him from office, perhaps.

Morning Joe has been leading the charge in this regard, as for example here, where I wrote about it at Legal Insurrection.

We saw the same phenomenon on CNN this morning, with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota taking turns suggesting that President Trump doesn’t have a “grasp of reality,” and that there are questions about his ability to “realize the truth.”

Note: Cuomo and Camerota’s questioning of Trump’s sanity came in response to this New York Times article reporting that behind the scenes, Trump is again raising doubts about President Obama having been born in the US, and has challenged the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape.

Note segundo: in a segment questioning Trump’s sanity, was it really necessary for CNN to include his son Barron in the image [see screencap]?

CHRIS CUOMO: Incendiary reporting going on, raising serious questions about his credibility, or even his grasp on reality.

. . .

ALISYN CAMEROTA: President Trump reviving the conspiracy theory, that he has already personally debunked, raising new questions about his own ability to tell the truth and realize the truth.

. . .

CUOMO: There are growing questions about his grasp of reality.

CNN Questions Trump’s “Grasp of Reality”

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