If Roy Moore’s supposed inscription in Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook were real, Nelson’s lawyer Gloria Allred would be running to the best handwriting expert in America to authenticate it. And she would make sure the authentication was completed prior to the election.

Instead, under surprisingly intense questioning by Alisyn Camerota on CNN this morning, Allred bobbed, weaved and refused to agree to turn over the yearbook to an independent examiner.

She came up with the lamest, most transparent pretext for her refusal. Allred said she would turn over the yearbook only to a Senate committee investigating the matter. But one thing Allred knows: the odds that there will be a Senate investigation between now and the election on December 12th are precisely 0.00%.

Allred’s offer is nothing less than an admission that she does not want the truth to come out prior to the election.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: The yearbook is what at your press conference with Beverly Nelson, you presented to prove that she knew him and that, in fact, he wrote this sort of affectionate, sort of inappropriate note to her when she was 16 . . . He wants you to turn it over to a third party expert analysis. Will you do that?

GLORIA ALLRED: We immediately said that if the United States Senate select committee on ethics, and/or the United States Senate Judiciary Committee would hold a hearing, we would be very happy to turn the yearbook over to have it examined by an independent —

CAMEROTA: Why does it have to be that premise? Why does it have to be the Senate Juciciary Committe? He’s not a senator . . . If they don’t do that, what’s Plan B? . . . If not Senate committee takes this on, can’t you just go to a third-party handwriting analyst to solve this?

ALLRED: We could. But the key person is Roy Moore.

CAMEROTA: But can you put some of this to rest by going to a neutral third party and looking at the handwriting in the yearbook? Wouldn’t that help?

ALLRED: Well, again, if he’s willing to testify under oath

CAMEROTA: Without that. In the absence of that. Will you turn it over?

ALLRED: You say, in the absence of that. It’s not just a footnote. This is extremely important . . . And if he is elected, clearly the Senate select committee on ethics will hold a hearing.

CAMEROTA: Fine. But before that.

ALLRED: At that time there will be testimony not just by my client. I expect by other people as well.

CAMEROTA: This would be good information for voters to have before that.

ALLRED: It would be good.

CAMEROTA: If that was an authentic signature in the yearbook. Why not just turn it over to a third party?

ALLREd: It would be very good information for them to have, to know whether Roy Moore is willing to raise his hand and testify under oath.

. . .

CAMEROTA: The election is in two weeks. So you still have a chance this in these two weeks. Will you turn it over to somebody other than —

ALLRED: And so does he.

Watch Gloria Allred Bob, Weave, and Refuse to Turn Over Yearbook
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