On this evening’s Hardball, reacting to a report that President Trump has suggested that the Access Hollywood tape is not authentic, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said:

“He is plain outright lying, or there is some kind of dementia going on. The president — no I’m serious . . . you actually have to wonder about the President’s mental condition.”


It’s true that at the time the tape became public—in the month before the election—Trump acknowledged, “I said it,” and apologized.

But leave it to the liberal media to suggest that Trump is demented, a predicate, perhaps, to an attempt to remove him from office under the 25th Amendment.

EUGENE ROBINSON: So now, with this maybe it’s not authentic, there are only two possibilities. He’s lying. He’s just plain out lying, or there’s some kind of dementia going on. I mean, the president — no I’m serious! If the president can convince himself that a tape which he has apologized for, acknowledged and apologized for, is not authentic, if he can convince even himself of that, much less anybody else, you actually have to wonder about the president’s mental condition. You really do.

WaPo’s Gene Robinson: Trump Lying, or “Dementia Going On — I’m Serious”

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