Pro marketing tip for Morning Joe: don’t deceive your viewers, and then call them “morons” when they complain about being duped.

When news stories were published revealing that the episode of Morning Joe aired this past Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, had been pre-taped, an MSNBC exec made a non-apology apology: “Would it have helped if there was a disclaimer? Maybe. But that’s not typically done.”

But on today’s show, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were not in any sort of apologetic mood. To the contrary, Scarborough said “you’d have to be extraordinarily thick” not to realize the show wasn’t live, and Mika repeatedly attacked any such viewers as a “moron.”

For good measure, Mika suggested numerous times that the unidentified “moron” viewer who had complained was . . . President Trump.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Every time we do a Thanksgiving show —


JOE: We tape it because —

MIKA: Then we make fun of the fact that we’re taping it.

JOE: So Willie is like: how was your dinner? Oh, I am stuffed. And then Willie will always go, but, boy, that game last night. And I’ll go oh, what a — it’s very obvious. You would have to be extraordinarily thick

MIKA: A moron. Maybe Trump was watching and — oh, my God, that’s it.

JOE: But everyone was saying: fake news, fake news, and we’re making this up. It’s a schtick. We’ve been doing it for ten years.

MIKA I think Trump was watching. He can’t help himself.

JOE: I won’t say the great news source that actually printed this out.

MIKA: Yeah, with one viewer. One unnamed viewer.

JOE: Their source was a shocked and stunned and deeply saddened unnamed viewer.

MIKA: A moron!

JOE: Who didn’t wish to be identified.

MIKA: It was a moron!

. . .

JOE: It’s a joke. And we’re going to do it again, okay? [speaking very slowly] We will go really slowly so you can get it.

MIKA: Donald.

JOE: And we will say, we are joking.

. . .

MIKA: The one moron viewer might have been, eeee! — all right.

JOE: He doesn’t watch our show, though.

MIKA: No, no, of course not.

Morning Joe: Any Viewer Not Realizing Post-Thanksgiving Show Taped a “Moron”
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