CBS News boasts of Gayle King having “received numerous awards for her extensive work as a journalist.”

Yet this award-winning journalist wants us to believe that she is dumbfounded by the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against Charlie Rose. Let’s remember: for King, Rose isn’t just some random guy in the news industry. Rose has been King’s co-host of CBS This Morning—someone she literally sat next to and worked very closely with—for going on six years.

But on the CBS show this morning, King claimed to be shocked by the Rose revelations:

“You can hold two ideas in your head at the same time. You can grapple with things. And I, to be very honest with you, I’m still trying to process all of this. I’m still trying to sort it out. Because this is not the man I know . . . None of us ever thought that we’d be sitting at this table in particular, telling this story.”

There’s one glaring problem with King’s profession of ignorance. All indications are that Rose’s proclivities were an open secret. Indeed at a tribute dinner for Rose that King attended in 2014, the third CBS This Morning co-host, Norah O’Donnell, said:

“We’re all here because with Charlie Rose, one woman is never enough.”

The Daily Beast described O’Donnell’s line as “a not-too-veiled reference to the 72-year-old Rose’s reputation as a lady killer.”

Also in attendance at that dinner was Yvette Vega, the executive producer of the Charlie Rose Show. When a young woman reported Rose’s abuse to Vega, she reportedly dismissed the complaint, saying it was just “Charlie being Charlie.” Vega has since said “I deeply regret” not helping Rose’s victims.

So . . . either King isn’t being truthful when she claims ignorance of Rose’s history, or the award-winning journalist is perhaps the most oblivious person in the news industry.

“Not the Man I Know”—Gayle King Shocked, Shocked by Co-Host Charlie Rose Revelations
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