So now you tell us . . .

On today’s Morning Joe, in the context of discussing the Lewinsky affair and related matters, Mika Brzezinski said:

“I think the days of sort of tiptoeing around the Clintons are over. And I’m fine with it.”

But here’s the thing. Just before making that statement, Mika, reacting to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s statement that she thinks Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky affair, Mika said:

“I completely agree, and I felt this in the moment.”

“Felt” it in the moment, perhaps. But never said or did anything about it publicly at the time, as far as the record shows.

As for Gillibrand, her statement also comes way too late. She is using it for purposes of going after President Trump, saying:

“Things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction . . . We should have a very different conversation about President Trump and a very different conversation about allegations against him.”

Mika is the latest in a line of Dems ditching the Clintons. Notably, a liberal New York Times columnist recently headlined her piece, “I Believe Juanita.”

Mika Brzezinski says she felt “In the Moment” that Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monica, but didn’t say anything at the time

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