Ain’t that odd: based just on the transcript of his interview with Sean Hannity, John Heilemann can look at Roy Moore and say, “that’s a perp right there. That’s not an innocent man.” Heilemann made his comment on today’s Morning Joe. As you’ll see from the screencap, members of the panel found Heilemann’s quip highly entertaining.

So surely supersleuth Heilemann must have been aware of the sexual misconduct by Mark Halperin, which led to his firing from MSNBC and loss of other engagements. After all, Heilemann worked side-by-side with Halperin for a decade, co-authoring two books and co-hosting a TV show with him, among other projects.

But no! After news broke about sexual misconduct by Halperin—much of which he has admitted—Heilemann claimed to be “flabbergasted and shocked” and to not have had “any inkling” of any such behavior by Halperin.

How can Heilmann be such an astute judge of human character in the case of Moore, yet so totally clueless regarding his closest colleague?


MIKE BARNICLE: the transcript, portions of the transcript we just read. From Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity, to Roy Moore.Just read the transcript, senators, and make up your mind after you read that transcript.

JOHN HEILEMANN: You can’t read that transcript without basically — given the way he’s hedging on these questions, you can’t help but — you don’t have to have covered cops for very long to look at that guy and say: that’s a perp right there. That’s not an innocent man.

Heilemann Sure Roy Moore a “Perp,” but Claims Knew Nothing of Partner Halperin’s Misconduct
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