CNN has reported that five women have accused Mark Halperin of sexual harassment during his time at ABC News some years ago.

Halperin has been an MSNBC contributor for years, and a regular on the Morning Joe panel. Mika Brzezinski addressed the story this morning:

“CNN is reporting allegations regarding our friend, Mark Halperin . . . I’m sure we’ll be talking about it again when we know more about it.”

My take: it might sound like a cliche, but I was surprised and saddened to see the story. It’s easy to lump all MSM figures in the same biased boat. But as an observer of Halperin for many years, he has struck me as someone who went out of his way to see various sides to a story, and didn’t get swept up in the MSM frenzy of the day.

Moreover, Halperin always seemed like the mature, grown-up in his partnership with the volatile John Heilemann, with whom he has partnered on two books regarding the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

The accusations against Halperin are serious, as he has acknowledged: “my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain.” Even so, it was good to see Mika and Morning Joe not immediately abandoning Halperin. Brzezinski called him “our friend,” promising to talk more about the story when additional information emerges.

Sad to See the Sexual Harassment News about Mark Halperin

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