CNN recently rolled out an ad implying that President Trump tries to tell the American people that an apple is a banana, but that CNN is dedicated to “facts first.” The ad has been met with ridicule, as in the Daily Caller parody seen in this article.

You’d think that any self-respecting journalist would run from the ad. But there was good CNN soldier Chris Cuomo echoing it on his show today. Arguing with Trump surrogate Jason Miller regarding the reliability of polls during the 2016 election, Cuomo said, “it’s apples and bananas, my friend.”

Note: Cuomo’s argument was that polls correctly predicted the popular vote. But presidents are chosen by the Electoral College. And electoral college predictions  by the New York Times, Nate Silver and others got it terribly wrong, predicting a Hillary electoral college landslide.

CHRIS CUOMO: He lost the popular vote. His mandate was to grow his base. Do you see him growing that base?


CUOMO: Because we don’t see it in the numbers. Why isn’t it reflected in the numbers?

MILLER: Chris, he is growing his base. That’s what he talked about in growing the Republican base, that’s what we talked about doing better with Hispanics, better with African-Americans, better with Democrats and union-voting households. To think that the polling community that was so wrong across the board this past fall has now magically gotten it right and that we should believe everything now —

CUOMO: But again, it’s apples and bananas, my friend. Because on the popular vote, he lost. And that’s what the poll predicted. On which states in the Electoral College they got it wrong, but the margins were so small. Jason, you know all this. I get that you’re making a point to an audience that may not understand the numbers you do. But you know this was very tight. Clinton didn’t get her base out the way she was supposed to, and he won in some key states where they didn’t put resources and you were smart enough to do it. Good for you.

Arguing with Trump Surrogate, Chris Cuomo Echoes CNN’s Lame “Apple, Banana” Ad
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