“Wacky?” That’s racist!

That was Chris Matthews implication on this evening’s Hardball, discussing President Trump’s use of the w-word regarding Rep. Frederica Wilson in the context of the kerfuffle over Trump’s phone conversation with the widow of fallen soldier La David Johnson.

Said Matthews:

“I have a feeling that wouldn’t be addressed to a white guy.”

Really, Chris? Here’s a partial list of terms that Trump has used about the following “white guys”:

  • Ted Cruz: wacko, lies like a dog, crazy or very dishonest.
  • Rich Lowry: clueless, dumbest of talking heads.
  • Charles Lane: a real dope
  • Frank Luntz: a total clown, low-class slob
  • Joe McQuaid: dumb
  • Mark Cuban: dopey
  • James Comey: very cowardly

Interestingly, whereas, as we noted here, Wilson called John Kelly’s use of the phrase “empty barrel” in reference to her “racist,” Matthews gave Kelly a pass. Matthews mentioned that he was very familiar with the term, it having been used by the nuns back when he was in parochial school in Pennsylvania.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I think wacky is a term I think we can agree on. If it doesn’t carry a gender reference, it does carry something that’s pretty dismissive, Heidi. It’s not like — I’ll argue about “empty barrels,” because I grew up with nuns calling us empty barrels making the most noise for eight years of grade school at St. Christopher’s in [inaudible.] So I’m familiar with the empty barrel shot. But wacky, I get a feeling that wouldn’t be addressed to a white guy. Just a guess, but I don’t know.


Chris Matthews: Trump Wouldn’t Call a White Guy “Wacky”
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