And the sky is blue and water’s wet. For Chris Cuomo to acknowledge that there is a liberal influence in American universities is to do nothing more than to state the incontestably obvious.

Even so, it was refreshing this morning to hear the CNN host admit an irrefutable fact that many on the left might nevertheless deny: that American academia slants strongly to the left. Cuomo asked and answered his own question: “is there a liberal influence in universities? The answer is yes.”

Cuomo’s concession came in the course of a discussing with University of Florida President Kent Fuchs the impending speech on the Gator campus of alt-right Richard Spencer. While issuing all the standard caveats as to how horrible he considered Spencer to be, Fuchs did say that universities must be a “marketplace of ideas. Ideas on the right and the left,” and that Spencer had a right to speak.

Chris Cuomo: “Is There a Liberal Influence in Universities? The Answer is Yes”
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