In the course of a rambling interview on CNN this morning, Dem Congresswoman Frederica Wilson repeatedly claimed that she didn’t want to “politicize” the issue of the conversation President Trump had with the widow of a soldier killed in Niger.

Right. Wilson would never politicize it. Except . . . she said: Trump lied about the conversation, that given the chance she would have cursed him out on the phone, that Trump doesn’t know how to sympathize and that his actions were “disgraceful.”

Oh, and for good measure, Wilson said that Trump “has a brain disorder, and he needs to be checked out.”

You’ve got to wonder: what Wilson would have said if she had intended to politicize the situation?!

FREDERICA WILSON: He doesn’t even know how to sympathize with people. We’re grieving. This is a grieving community who’s trying to do the very, very best we can in holding up our family. Who has paid the ultimate sacrifice.

It is disgraceful for him to even tweet about this. And as I say, this gentleman has a brain disorder, and he needs to be checked out.

Dem Congresswoman: Trump “Has Brain Disorder, Needs to be Checked Out”
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