As we reported here yesterday, MSNBC devoted a long segment of Joy Reid’s show to a discussion of how the military or Congress could “stop” or “constrain” President Trump.

Today, it was CNN’s turn [on Reliable Sources], to beat the remove-Trump-from-office drum. And who better to lead the charge than Jennifer Rubin, whom host Brian Stelter introduced—managing to keep a straight face—as a “conservative columnist.”

Stelter led by claiming that there’s been a lot of recent talk about the 25th Amendment, which permits the removal from office of a president deemed disabled. Stelter displayed headlines from a number of media outlets mentioning the amendment. That they were all liberal, anti-Trump sources [HuffPo, The Atlantic, CNN, etc.], was not mentioned by Stelter.

Having been so solicitously teed up, Rubin was only too happy to tee off on Trump, saying that there’s evidence that the president “is not behaving rationally” and questioning whether Trump is “able to understand material put in front of him.” While admitting that we’re a long way from the application of the 25th amendment, she said Congress needs to “get involved” and take the 25th amendment “seriously, instead of just rolling our eyes and saying, uh, it’s Trump being Trump.”

BRIAN STELTER: Let’s take a look at all the headlines this week, not about the First Amendment, but the 25th amendment, that is, of course, a mechanism for removing a president from office. There was a lot of attention around this idea, only an idea, of course, in the last few days. Jen, you brought up as well. Jennifer, are you advocating for that? Is that appropriate?

JENNIFER RUBIN: I am advocating this be taken seriously. We now have a senator, very well respected, Senator Bob Corker, suggesting that the president is really not thinking properly. We’ve certainly seen a lot of behavior which suggests that he is unwilling or unable to fulfill his obligations and that he is not behaving rationally.

I think it’s time for members of Congress to begin talking to people who see him on a regular basis, to be talking to people who have left office, and to begin to take this seriously . . . To the extent to which people are beginning to wonder whether he is rational, whether he is able to understand material put in front of him, whether he is able to make rational decisions, congress needs to get involved in this. They should be talking seriously to members of the cabinet, as I said they should talk to people who talk to him on a regular basis. And we’ve had some of his close confidantes now say they are horrified, they’re shocked by what he has been saying lately. So I think we all need to take it seriously and stop rolling our eyes and saying, uh, it’s Trump being Trump.

On CNN, “Conservative” Rubin Wants Congress to “Take Seriously” 25th Amendment Removal of Trump
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  • October 15, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    I’m finally starting to fully grasp the term “fake news”.

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