The Harvey Weinstein story is so filthy that even media outlets reporting it responsibly can get splattered with the muck. It happened to Morning Joe today. The show displayed on screen a portion of actress Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram depiction of her uncomfortable experience, as a 17-year old, with Weinstein.

As you’ll see on the next-to-last line in the screengrab, Beckinsale wrote of Weinstein having called her a “c—.” Except that in the version Morning Joe aired, the c-word was spelled out.

I’m guessing that this was unintentional, an oversight by the Morning Joe crew. After all, years ago the show installed a seven-second delay when Joe Scarborough blurted out an f-bomb.

Even so, this is the first time this media observer can recall the c-word being spelled out on a national network show. It is a reflection of the times, and how Harvey Weinstein, beyond abusing women and presumably destroying his own career, has managed to degrade the culture at large.

Morning Joe Airs the C-Word

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