Watergate Prosecutor on MSNBC: Why Did Hannity Retain Cohen “If Nothing Wrong?”


A first-year law student making this argument would have gotten a big, blazing “F” . . .

On Ari Melber’s MSNBC show this evening, a former Watergate prosecutor—demanding that Sean Hannity be investigated—actually suggested that Hannity’s occasional use of the services of attorney Michael Cohen is evidence of wrongdoing.

Said Nick Akerman:

“The person who really ought to be investigated is Sean Hannity! He’s the person whose name was brought up on the Cohen search warrant as a client. Why did he even offer himself up as a client if there was nothing wrong?”


Chris Cuomo: On Cellphone Use, Treat Trump Like My Recalcitrant Teenage Daughter


The CNN crew had a jolly old time this morning, mocking President Trump for his penchant for using his cellphone, and analogizing him to a recalcitrant teenage girl. Chris Cuomo led the charge, advising chief of staff John Kelly to say to Trump:

“Look, we let you use this phone. It’s a privilege. It’s not a right. And if you don’t use it the right way, we’re going to take it from you.”

Added Alisyn Camerota, “and you’re going to be grounded.” (more…)

MSNBC Guest: Porn Star Jessica Drake’s Decision to Accuse Trump “Not About Money”


On MSNBC this evening, Prof. Christina Greer flatly claimed that Jessica Drake’s decision to make accusations against President Trump at this time [Gloria Allred in tow] is “not about money.” Greer also asserted that the “vast majority” of women alleging sexual harassment or assault are telling the truth. Said Greer:

“The vast majority of women who have said that someone has either sexually assaulted them or sexually harassed them, the vast majority are not lying . . . What does she have to gain? It’s not about money  . . . The women who speak out against incredibly powerful men, especially the President of the United States, what they have to lose is so much greater than what Donald Trump has to lose.”

Joy Reid Guest: Hannity Viewers Lack “Intellectual Curiosity,” Could Drive Country to War


The liberal elite’s contempt for conservatives was on vivid display on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning. In a long segment attacking Sean Hannity, guest Tiffany Cross said:

“[Hannity] has a hotline to the White House. He also has a hotline to three million viewers every night . . . This is a scary thing because the people who watch him do not have the intellectual curiosity to get information other places, other than this echo chamber that is Fox News. So this group of people may be the people that drive us into a war.”

Note: Cross is “the Co-Founder, Managing Editor and Curator” of The Beat DC, which describes itself as highlighting “diverse political leaders in the nation’s capital and the policies that impact communities of color.” Cross had previous stints at BET and the NEA teachers union.

Note segundo: Cross tried to give herself some cover. She prefaced her shot at conservatives by saying that “ignorance is a bi-partisan issue,” but then proceeded to speak of the lack of “intellectual curiosity” only on the part of Hannity viewers.

Mocking Trump Spelling Mistake, Chris Cuomo Makes One Himself


Friendly advice to Chris Cuomo: when mocking President Trump over a spelling mistake, try to avoid making a mistake yourself . . .

On CNN this morning, Cuomo went out of his way to note that in a tweet about James Comey, the prez misspelled “shady” as “shadey.” Continued Cuomo:

“unless [Trump was] maybe referring to Slim Shadey, the alternate persona of Eminem.”

Here’s the problem, Chris: Eminem spells it Slim Shady. Not Slim Shadey. Ruh-roh! (more…)

MSNBC’s Deutsch: I’m the Hooker “Expert” Here


Funny what some guys will brag about . . .

Today’s Morning Joe led with a discussion of the recently-released Comey memos, according to which Vladimir Putin told Donald Trump that Russia had “some of the most beautiful hookers in the world.”

When it came Morning Joe regular Donny Deutsch’s turn to comment, he said:

“I was a little insulted when you didn’t come initially to me on hookers. Because I’m the expert here.”


GMA: Men Arrested in Philly Starbucks not “Thinking About” a Lawsuit


Wanna bet?

On Good Morning America today, Robin Robert said that when she asked the lawyer for the two men arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks whether they were planning to sue Starbucks or the City of Philadelphia, he replied:

“That’s not what they’re thinking about at this time. That they want to be a part of the process. Remember Kevin Johnson, the CEO, said that they wanted those gentlemen to be part of the process. They say they’re still working that out.”

But here was the real tell:

“They’re going to allow us, GMA, to follow along and follow up with them and see how that process plays out.”

Translation: there might not be a lawsuit if Starbucks ponies up before a suit is filed. In the meantime, the men and their lawyer will put the maximum public pressure on Starbucks by letting GMA “follow along [to] see how that process plays out.”

Note: At the beginning of the clip, listen to George Stephanopoulos sympathetically exclaim “who hasn’t spent two minutes waiting in a Starbucks?!” Question for George: have you ever refused to either order something or leave an establishment when asked to do so?

“Passing of Decency” — Morning Joe Uses Passing of Barbara Bush to Snipe at Trump


The liberal media will seize any occasion—even the passing of a beloved former First Lady—as fodder for snipes at President Trump.

And so it was on today’s Morning Joe, where  Mike Barnicle suggested that the passing of Mrs. Bush is “accompanied by the passing of decency.” Jon Meacham echoed that theme. Describing the fine values by which Barbara Bush lived her life, Meacham said:

“I think we’ve learned anew, haven’t we, in the life of the nation, in the past 18 months or so, that basic truths like that can never be repeated too often. And I think Barbara Bush embodied a kind of decency in public life.”


Scarborough: People Who Believe Comey Biased Against Trump Too Stupid for Kitchen Utensils


Joe Scarborough has made an art form out of sliming President Trump. But Joe’s now turning his Don Ricklesian skills on the people who support the president.

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough mocked as idiots people who believe that James Comey and others in the FBI like Andrew McCabe were biased against Trump during the presidential race. Joe warned Trump supporters to “step away” from kitchen utensils because they are too “incompetent” to use them and will “hurt themselves.”

The screencap shows Scarborough imitating a hapless Trump supporter using an egg beater to “trim their nose hair . . . and there’s blood coming out all over the place.” Mika Brzezinski, as you’ll see, found Joe’s pantomime wildly amusing. (more…)

On Trump, Joy Reid’s Got “Mob” on her Mind


Mob, mob, mob. Mob, mob-ar-ann . . .

That could be Joy Reid’s cover of the Beach Boys hit. Because when it comes to President Trump, MSNBC host Reid has a bad case of “mob” on the mind. Opening her show today with a discussion of James Comey’s book, Reid and her hand-picked guests made no fewer than 18 “mob” and mob-related references to Trump. (more…)