Scarborough Justifies: Parkland Deputy Didn’t Go in Because he Was “Overmatched”

Joe Scarborough says he isn’t justifying the failure of the Parkland deputy to enter the school during the shooting. But that’s exactly what Joe did today.

On Morning Joe, Scarborough said:

“There actually was a ‘good guy with a gun,’ as the President and every NRA member will say. There was a good guy with a gun at a school. There was a law enforcement officer with a gun at the school. And he didn’t go in. In part, I am sure, because he was overmatched. Now, that’s no justification.”


Dem Sen. Blumenthal Vows: “I Will Fight” Arming Teachers, Ending “Gun-Free Zones”

Calling it an “anathema,” Dem Sen. Richard Blumenthal says “I will fight” the arming of teachers in schools.

Appearing on this evening’s Hardball, Blumenthal said:

“He [President Trump] seems to be backing the idea of arming teachers and eliminating gun-free zones. That idea has been rejected soundly and consistently by the entire educational community; by teachers, superintendents, principals. Because it makes schools less safe.

And it is a non-starter, whether it’s proposed singly or part of any other measure in the United States Senate. I will fight it, because it is an anathema. A dangerous and frightening prospect. But we need to take this issue to the ballot box. That’s where it’s going to be decided.”

Blumenthal obviously developed a lot of expertise on firearms during all the time that—contrary to his claim—he was not serving in Vietnam.

Note: beyond the issue of arming teachers, what is Blumenthal’s argument in favor of maintaining “gun-free zones?” Can he point to a single case when that has done anything but disarm law-abiding citizens and create free-fire zones for murderers?

Scarborough: AR-15 “More Lethal than M16”

Joe Scarborough often touts his deep roots in the gun culture, growing up in the South. But either he never knew as much about guns as he’s claimed, or his passion for gun control has made him forget or ignore what he once knew.

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough repeatedly claimed that the AR-15, used in Parkland and in other mass shootings, is “more lethal” than the M16. H/t SnuffaBolshevik. (more…)

Chris Matthews Snaps at Guest: “You Going to Keep Correcting Me?”

In December, the Daily Caller reported on the “verbally abusive” environment that Chris Matthews has created on the Hardball set, adding that people “felt like they had to ‘walk on eggshells’ around their ‘abusive’ boss.”

Matthews flashed that thin skin on this evening’s Hardball. When guest David Corn politely pointed out that the TV series in question was “Homeland,” not “Homefront” as Matthews had said, Matthews snapped:

“You going to keep correcting me?”


Parkland Survivors: We’ll be There for Re-opening “Unless We have Interviews”

The Parkland school shooting has made media stars out of at least two of the survivors, students Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. Both are advocates of additional gun control laws, and have been extremely critical of President Trump. That is surely their right, as it is also their right to take this moment of national attention to promote their views.

But is interesting to note how the pair have become so media-savvy, and are emphasizing media exposure over other priorities. On CNN this morning, asked whether they would be there when Parkland re-opened, Gonzalez said:

“As soon as we can, we are going to go back into the school. As soon as they say school is on Monday, I’m going to be there—I’m pretty sure. Unless I have interviews — unless we have interviews.” (more…)

What? Joy Reid Wonders Whether Payments to Stormy Daniels, McDougal Were “Bribes”

How is it possible for the host of network TV show to be so confused about such a basic legal concept?

On her MSNBC show today, Joy Reid asked MSNBC legal expert Danny Cevallos whether the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were “bribes.”

Cevallos managed not to laugh, gently explaining to Reid that “one of the key elements in any bribery case is government involvement. Citizens, regular private folks, can generally bribe each other. It’s a different issue if they’re extorting or blackmailing. That’s illegal. But it’s official conduct, it’s anything of value for some official conduct in return. That’s the critical analysis in any bribery case.”

I mean, seriously, how oblivious can Reid be?

CNN’s Camerota Uses School-Shooting Survivor to Attack Tomi Lahren

On CNN this morning, host Alisyn Camerota used a survivor of the Parkland school shooting to launch an attack on Tomi Lahren, who had tweeted [see below] a call for the left to give grieving families 24 hours before talking about gun control.

After displaying the tweet and inviting the young woman to express her reaction [it made her angry], Camerota got down to business, editorializing: (more…)

Mika Warns Morning Joe Guests: “Go Back Home” if You Don’t Want to Discuss Gun Control

The day after the Florida school shooting, Mika Brzezinski  has warned guests who have been booked to appear on Morning Joe to “go back home” if they believe this is not the time to talk about gun control.

Said Brzezinski:

“And these real conversations, and the real story of what happened yesterday has to be told. I’m looking at our esteemed list of guests today. And I don’t mean to unbook the show. But I’m just going to warn anybody, and everybody, that if anybody comes on this show and says now is not the time to not talk about this, and try and look forward to something constructive, then, why don’t you just get back in your car and go back home. Because we are going to talk about this.”