Mika Spurns Scarborough’s Attempt to Hold Her Hand


No. 7 on that internet list of Signs Your Engagement is in Trouble: “she refuses to hold your hand in public.”

Okay, I made that one up, but there was an awkward and perhaps telling moment on today’s Morning Joe. When Joe Scarborough went to hold the hand of Mika Brzezinski–his long-time fiancée–Mika pulled away, saying:

“Don’t. Don’t do that! Not on the air! Not on the air! What are you doing?”


Trump Immigration Critic Meacham Lives in Super-Rich, Lily-White Enclave


Jon Meacham: quintessential liberal hypocrite?

On Morning Joe today, Meacham condemned President Trump’s notion that a country without borders is no country. Instead, Meacham loftily insisted:

“Where I come from, the way you define a nation is not about how you keep people out, but how you treat the country itself, how you treat the rest of the world.”

That made me wonder: where does Meacham “come from?” Turns out, Meacham lives in Belle Meade, TN, a super-exclusive enclave where the per capita income is “by far the highest in the state and among the highest in the nation.” Oh, and it’s 98.64% lily-white.

CNN’s Berman Blames Trump 4x in 56 Secs: “The White House Chose This” Child Separation Policy


It’s—almost—enough to make you miss Chris Cuomo . . .

Sounding like a Dem attack ad, new CNN co-host John Berman, speaking of the separation of the children of illegal immigrants, opened New Day this morning by repeating four times in 56 seconds: “the White House chose this.”

Berman instructed his viewers that those are “five words you have to remember.” For good measure, he accused President Trump of a “ruse,” adding “the President has lied about this.” (more…)

Joy Reid Guest: Christians Who Support Trump Are “Jesus-Hating, Pimps of Evil”


Are you a Trump-supporting Christian? Frank Schaeffer calls you a “Jesus-hating,” child-abuse condoning, “pimp of evil.”

A guest on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show today, Schaeffer unleashed an angry jeremiad against Christians who support President Trump and his immigration policies:

Christians who still support Trump, who is separating mothers from babies, are now condoning a form of child abuse . . . I can’t think of anything that would be more Jesus-hating . . . There are going to be repercussions for the Republican party that have gone along like pimps of evil with this President.”


Scarborough: Trump Admin Marching Children to Showers “Like the Nazis”


Want to accuse the Trump admin of being a bunch of Nazis? All you need is a tweet by a Boston Globe reporter passing along what “a public defender in McAllen [TX] says.”

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said:

“I know that children are being marched away to showers . . . being told they are, just like the Nazis said they were taking people to showers and then they never came back.”

Scarborough was referring to the handling of children brought into the country by people accused of illegal immigration.

So, how does Scarborough “know” that children are being “marched away to showers?” I’ve tried to track it down, and looks like it goes back to this tweet by Boston Globe reporter Liz Goodwin, formerly of the Daily Beast: (more…)

CNN Hides Fact that GOP Baseball Shooter was Trump-hating Bernie Sanders Supporter


Rhetorical question: if a Hillary-hating Trump supporter had shot and almost killed a Dem congressman, do you think CNN would have mentioned that fact on the one-year anniversary of the event?

But in its five-plus minute segment this morning on the first anniversary of a shooting at a Republican practice baseball game in which GOP congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed, CNN failed to even name the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, and never mentioned that he was a Trump-hating Bernie Sanders supporter.

The only reference to Hodginkson was CNN reporter Phil Mattingly speaking of a “lone gunman.”

Dem Congressman Urges Cohen to Flip on Trump


Have you ever seen anything quite like this? A Member of Congress urging a private citizen to turn state’s evidence against the President of the United States?

Appearing on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” show on MSNBC this evening, California Dem congressman Eric Swalwell, speaking of Michael Cohen, said:

“He better start talking soon.”


Scarborough Republican Primary Voters a “Trumpist Cult,” Will Produce “Massive” Dem Wave


Decrying Mark Sanford’s defeat in his congressional primary race, Joe Scarborough today attacked Republican primary voters and predicted that their devotion to President Trump will have a disastrous impact on the 2018 midterms. Scarborough on Morning Joe:

“Primary voters in the Republican party have devolved into a Trumpist cult . . . What Republicans did last night, and what they are doing, in subservience to Donald Trump, is going to lead to a massive Democratic wave this fall.” (more…)

Scarborough on Summit: “Got to Admit, I Feel a Sense of Relief”


The faces on Morning Joe today were almost as glum as the morning after Hillary Clinton lost. It’s tough for liberals to admit that President Trump pulled off something historic.

So give Joe Scarborough a modicum of credit. As painful as it surely was for him to praise President Trump, Scarborough said:

“I’ve got to admit, when I see these two people shaking hands, I feel a sense of relief, as do a lot of people in Washington, knowing how bleak the situation was six months ago.”