Joy Reid Guest on FBI’s McCabe Firing: Trump Using “KGB” Playbook

Trump=Stalin. Well, it does make for a nice change of pace from Trump=Hitler . . .

On Joy Reid’s show today, MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance accused President Trump of using KGB tactics in the firing of Andrew McCabe and related moves. Said Nance:

“[Trump’s move] comes out of an older playbook, the KGB’s playbook . . . Donald Trump is literally playing by the Russian playbook on this.” (more…)

Cuomo Criticizes “Obnoxious” SNL for Mocking Looks of Huckabee Sanders, Conway

On CNN today, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times argued that women in the Trump administration, particularly Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway, are unfairly subjected to more criticism than their male counterparts.

Alisyn Camerota seconded Haberman’s notion. Chris Cuomo initially pushed back a bit, but ultimately joined the party, saying: (more…)

Mika Tries to Drag Melania into Stormy Daniels Story: She “Can’t Overlook” It

Most people assessing the Stormy Daniels situation would respect Melania Trump’s privacy. Not Mika Brzezinski

On today’s Morning Joe, saying the story puts Melania, Ivanka and others in a “terrible position,” Mika said that Melania and Ivanka “can’t protect [Trump] . . . you can’t overlook it.” (more…)

Kasich Brags about Getting Elected at 30, “Big Guy” Will Say if He Should Run for Prez

I try to like people, but John Kasich represents a real challenge. The guy really rubs me the wrong way.

Somehow, in the midst of all the Tillerson-Pompeo talk, Kasich turned up on MSNBC this morning. Speaking of the special election in Pennsylvania today, Kasich bragged about having been elected to Congress at age 30. That, according to Kasich, makes 33-year old Dem candidate Conor Lamb “a little old.”

Kasich made his 2020 strategy pretty clear, saying that the emergence of third parties “is more realistic than it’s ever been.”

When host Stephanie Ruhle asked him flat out if he were going to run for president, Kasich said he didn’t know, but that “I vest a lot in what the Big Guy tells me,” clarifying that he was referring to God, not Donald Trump. (more…)

Ed Rendell Calls Late-Term Abortion Supporter Conor Lamb “Pro-life”

What do you call someone who supports late-term abortions? “Pro-life”—if you’re Ed Rendell.

On CNN this morning, former Pennsylvania governor Rendell called Conor Lamb “pro-life.”

The truth is that Lamb, the Dem candidate in today’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, has said he would have voted against a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, the point at which the unborn can feel pain. That makes Lamb radically pro-abortion, Ed. (more…)

David Hogg: Gun Ownership Should be “Privilege, Not a Right”

Just when you thought your TV might have become a Hogg-free zone . . .

Tuning in CNN this morning, there was David Hogg. Again. And the Parkland survivor-turned-gun-control-activist made one thing clear: he has no use for the Second Amendment. Hogg  accused the NRA of liking to “hide behind the Second Amendment and say this is our constitutional right. We’re Americans.” Well, yeah: you nailed, it, David! (more…)

No Spit: Elizabeth Warren Dodges DNA Test

Given the chance this morning to put to rest the question of her Native American ancestry, Elizabeth Warren dodged, bigly.

On Fox News Sunday, guest host John Roberts asked Warren whether she’d be willing to take a “spit test” of her DNA. Warren ignored the question, sidestepping instead into a tear-jerker about her “daddy” falling in love with a “beautiful girl,” but that his family “bitterly opposed” the marriage because she was “part Native American.” Eventually, they eloped, claimed Warren. (more…)

Morning Joe Trashes Trump-Kim Talks: “Deflection” from Stormy Daniels

God forbid President Trump should cure cancer and bring about world peace on the same day. How would Joe and Mika handle the horrible news?

We got a foreshadowing from today’s Morning Joe. Joe and Mika trashed the news that President Trump has accepted the invitation of Kim Jong-Un for talks. According to the pair, the announcement was nothing more than a “deflection” and a “distraction” from the Stormy Daniels story. (more…)

Morning Joe Panelist to Mika: Don’t “Throw Up” Thinking of Trump/Stormy Pics

That’s Mika Brzezinski in the screengrab, presumably trying not to throw up as she imagines photos of Donald Trump with Stormy Daniels.

On today’s Morning Joe, panelist John Heilemann said there was speculation that Daniels might possess “intimate” photos of herself with Trump. Heilemann vowed that “if those photographs exist, they will come out.”

Said Heilemann:

“Mika, I will hope, as you conjure an image of that, I’ll try to just urge you not to throw up in your mouth.”


George Wallace, Jerry Brown: Same States’ Rights Struggle!

“States’ rights” was a curse in the mouths of liberals when it came to condemning southern segregationists in the Jim Crow era. But for liberals today, the right of states like California to defy federal immigration law has suddenly become a hallowed principle

Take Joseph Alioto Veronese, candidate for San Francisco DA. On his Fox News show tonight, Tucker Carlson challenged Veronese: “it is now illegal for private citizens in California to assist federal law enforcement authorities [regarding illegal immigration] . . . how is that different from what happened in the South in the ’50s and ’60s?”

Responded Veronese:

“I think there are interests at the local level that override the minutiae of the differences” in the law.