CNN: 50,000 Missing FBI Texts a “Distraction,” Trump Should Tweet about Tsunami

If they ever decide to do a remake of Naked Gun, John Avlon could be perfect in the role of Detective Frank Drebin. On CNN today, Avlon gave a great impersonation of Drebin’s “move on, nothing to see here” moment. Instead of an exploding building, here it was an exploding scandal that Avlon was trying to dismiss as not noteworthy.

Avlon called President Trump’s tweet about the FBI having “lost” 50,000 text messages between two Trump-hating agents a mere “distraction and deflection” from “the real scandal,” which according to Avlon is the investigation into possible Russia/Trump collusion.


Sen. Ron Johnson: Under Comey, Lynch, “Deep-seated Corruption at Highest Levels of FBI”

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is anything but a bomb thrower.
So it’s striking that, on Tucker Carlson’s show this evening, Johnson—speaking of the actions of former FBI director James Comey and Obama AG Loretta Lynch—said that there was “deep-seated corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.”

In support of his allegation of deep-seated corruption, Johnson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, cited:

  • The fact that at the time Lynch said she would abide by the FBI’s conclusions on Hillary Clinton, she already knew that Comey was going to recommend exoneration of Hillary.
  • The preparation of the FBI memo exonerating Clinton two months before the FBI interviewed her.
  • The missing five months of missing text messages between two Trump-hating FBI agents.

Johnson hastened to add that “the vast majority of FBI folks are high-integrity, they’re risking their lives to keep us safe.” But, he concluded: “at the upper level, what we’re trying to uncover is a level of corruption that needs further investigation.”

Scarborough Puts Insults to Trump in Mouth of his Aides: “Bumpkin, Idiot, Pre-Dementia”

I’m getting close to pulling the plug on Morning Joe and Joe Scarborough.

On countless occasions over the years, readers have asked: why do you bother watching this guy? Who cares what he says? Why give him any additional exposure? etc. I’ve always responded along the lines that Morning Joe is the most-watched morning show among opinion leaders. And Joe and his guests would fairly often have interesting things to say.

But over the last 18 months or so, the show has transformed into an unrelentingly anti-Trump hate fest. It’s true that Trump has said some ugly things about Scarborough’s co-host and fiancée, Mika Brzezinski. But rather than rising above it, Scarborough has descended into an seething, partisan pit.

This morning offers yet one more example. Instead of directly insulting the Trump, Scarborough puts his insults in the mouth or minds of the president’s staffers. Over the course of the opening segment, Scarborough variously suggests that Trump aides believe him to be:


Jennifer Rubin: “I Can No Longer Identify with the Republican Party”

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jennifer . . .

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has now joined with Joe Scarborough as a proud member of the Society of Ex-Republican Media Members.

Appearing on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, Rubin declared:

“It should be self-evident why I, and I think any reasonable person, can no longer identify with the Republican party.”

Rubin was responding to a Republican commercial [see below] on immigration, highlighting the case of illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes, accused of killing two police officers. Bracamontes bragged in court: “the only thing that I f—–g regret is that I f—–g just killed two.”

Rubin denounced the “ugly face” of the Republican party, and claimed that people who support Republicans “have to take ownership of their racism.”

Note: it’s not good enough for Rubin to leave the GOP. She says that “no reasonable person” can identify with the Republican party.  Another way of branding millions of decent Americans as deplorables.

Joy Reid Guest: Trump’s Base “Hate the Civil Rights Movement”

Hey, you devoted Trump fans out there. Guess what? — you’re just a bunch of unreconstructed racists!

That was how David Cay Johnston, a guest on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, portrayed the people who will stick with Trump through thick and thin. Said Johnston:

“Even if the worst possible thing could happen, that Robert Mueller proves that Donald Trump is a traitor, you’re going to see a segment of the population supporting him for an entirely different reason. Unfortunately, there are people in this country who hate the civil rights movement. And those people are going to be with Donald until the end of his life.”


Dem Senator’s Euphemism for Illegal Immigrants: “Community Members”

You might call them illegal immigrants. Others like “Dreamers.” But Dem Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon has come up with a new euphemism: “community members.”

Interviewed on CNN this morning, Merkley, three times in less than a minute, spoke of “community members” when referring to people in the country illegally. He bemoaned the fact that “more than 100 lose their legal status each day.”


Texas Democrat: I’ll Vote ‘No’ on Budget Deal–So Long as my Vote is Meaningless

Henry, Henry, Henry! You’re not supposed to admit on national TV that your vote is a cynical stunt!

This was hilarious: a politician openly admitting that his intended vote on an important matter would be a stunt, and one he would change if his vote actually counted for something.

Appearing on CNN this morning, Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas repeatedly said that he would vote “no” on the continuing budget resolution . . . unless his vote was actually needed to avoid a government shutdown. In which case he would vote “yes.” CNN host Alisyn Camerota called Cuellar out for attempting to be on both sides of the issue.


Mika: If Trump’s Not Impaired, He’s “Evil”

Damned if you’re demented, damned if you’re not. No good mental test result goes unpunished.

On today’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski wasn’t taking yes for an answer when it came to the news that President Trump had a perfect score on a cognitive assessment test and that his personal physician found him mentally “very sharp.”

To the contrary, said Mika, if Trump doesn’t have the excuse of mental impairment:

“You can then deduce other things that are far more nefarious and frightening . . . the word evil comes to mind.”


Scarborough Advises Dems: “Go After” Republicans, “Make Them Pay”

Last year, Joe Scarborough quit the Republican party. Looks like Joe’s now found a new gig: political strategist for the Democrats. And he’s sounding rougher than James Carville after a bad night on Bourbon Street.

On today’s Morning Joe—saying that President Trump insulted the Congressional Black Caucus and Dick Durbin—Scarborough demanded that Dems “go after” Republicans and “make them pay.”


Black Caucus Leader Suggests Trump Bribed “Lying” Cotton/Perdue on “S-hole”

Appearing on this evening’s Hardball, Rep. Karen Bass, a Democrat and leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, twice accused Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue of “flat-out lying” by saying that they didn’t hear President Trump refer to various countries as “s—holes.”

Bass then took things an ugly step further, insinuating that President Trump might have bribed the two senators in some way. Said Bass:

“I think that they’re flat-out lying. And maybe they’re getting something from the President for it.”